Has anyone tried to create commerce-related projects in Plasmic?

Hey guys, have any1 tried to create ecommerce-related projects in Plasmic? I was thinking of doing it with Swell.is and Plasmic - would love to hear your thoughts!

Hey @spotty_hummingbird,
I haven’t done any integration with E-Commerce but the solution lies in Data Code Components.

P.S ( A little off topic )
I was actively looking for a specific tutorial on Swell so I can convert it to Plasmic and share it with the community. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a proper swell tutorial and their docs doesn’t contain a perfect example as well.

If anyone has any basic example of Swell in React. Please share it, I will create a Plasmic version of it.

Awesome, thanks I will take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @spotty_hummingbird, we have an example codebase here showing Swell integration which you can take a look at - it’s a bit spartan / no docs yet, but we can help you along with that, it basically implements the approach that Asim linked to above: https://github.com/plasmicapp/plasmic/tree/master/plasmicpkgs/plasmic-swell

LMK If that helps you in your case

Thank you so much Yang!

I am still very new to it all, I was just wondering if I had something to lean on for inspiration and I think you guys are awesome with these 2 replies!