Having problems with the unordered list

hey everyone :wave:

i’m fighting with the unordered list component:

  1. when i try to add a child of type “list item” it complains with an error (see attached screenshot)
  2. i managed to create a new li element inside the ul by:
    a. moving another text component into it (then i see the li)
    b. copy and pasting the existing li
  3. as soon as i have two lis inside the ul, the bullets disappear


one li (correct) with bullets


two lis (wrong) no bullets

Hi, it seems like a bug, I’ll be looking into it

oops, i just figured out that copying the text component which is a child of every new ul component fixes the problem with the bullets. so probably the list item component is not supposed to be a child of an ul component? :zany_face: