Having trouble spacing images in Slider component

Hi everyone. Having some trouble spacing vertical stacks within a slider component. Our designer has this as a mockup in figma:


This naturally looks like a slider component

But when trying to layout a slider, any combination of settings I have attempted dont look like this. The images are either

  1. Way too close to one another, and not centered
  2. Just a single image is displayed

This is the best I could manage. By cranking up the padding with center mode enabled, but it’s obviously not the correct way of using this component (And not centered!).

Any tips would be appreciated on how to fix this


I was able to get a little closer using slides to show but still have a spacing issues with the images

This vertical stack has items set to centered on layout, but the images are still hugging the left side of the containers

you can try setting the size of the img under the Design tab to “stretch”.

same issue


Thanks for reporting this issue, the Studio doesn’t make it clear, but it’s not possible to change the width or layout of an element that’s a direct child of the Slider Carousel, if you wrap your image and text into another vertical stack setting it to stretch both the width and height, you should be able to perform any style change to this new stack.

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