Help getting started with Next.js app hosting

Hello, I’ve been try to configure my host app for plasmic canva, by pressing the config button and entering the site url ‘/plasmic-host’ but it’s not working.
I’m using Next.js
I’ll appreciate your help.

Hi @useful_cephalopod, what do you see when opening the projeet?

Did you create a host page in your Next app as shown in the quickstart?

Thanks @yang, for reaching out.
I started with Plasmic bootstrapping my app, so plasmic created a codebase for me.
I then created ‘pages/plasmic-host.tsx’ using the code in the link

I get this message 'Your app is ready to host Plasmic Studio!

On the Dashboard, click on the Config button, and set <> as the host URL.

You can find more information about app-hosting here.'

After you set that URL and open the project, then what do you see?

after setting the url, I still get, ‘Your app is ready to host Plasmic Studio …’

Although, when I click on confirm button, it afterwards become disabled, and I didn’t get any feedback if it was successful or not

Oh, after configuring that URL, you have to open the Plasmic project that you configured

Like this:

I also created custom component and registered it at ‘init.js’ file, I can’t see the registered components on my artboard.

this my first of using Plasmic. sorry to bother you this much.
By the way, Plasmic is great. :fire:

No problem at all

If the project opens for you, then the app hosting works!

thanks for the illustration via the video, yeah, I followed that process, although my site url is with vercel, should I use

No, doesn’t matter what URL your site is hosted at

You could even run it from localhost:3000


You should be able to see your registered code components listed when you click the big blue plus button (the insert menu)

Do you see them there?


Are you able to share how you’re registering the code component, and what your plasmic-host file contains?