Help with API – json v raw?

I’m sure I’m making an obvious mistake, but I’m just learning about all this.
Why does the RAW format work, but my json format get a 400 error when trying to connect to replicate api?

Hi there @daniel_lefcourt , that does seem strange. Would you mind sharing which Plasmic project URL I can find this in? And where in the project / which specific page? I can take a look.

Thanks for checking into this. It’s the only project in my account Picabia Workspace. The page is called “Generate Form”. It is an interaction on the Test API button. Thanks.

This is how it is currently set up and it is working.

Hi, we took a look - the issue is that there is a difference in what’s being specified in the raw vs the JSON.

The working RAW has input field, and the JSON has prompt

I think it worked by changing the JSON version input to prompt: { input: something } like in the raw version.

Let me know if that helps!