Hero image appearing to the left but is set to cover

What happened? My hero image is suddenly appearing way off to the left, even though it’s set to cover, and has always been centered. I tried playing with the styling to fix it, and then it stopped displaying entirely! I’d really appreciate some help figuring this out, it’s for a business site… Thank you!

Hello @tricky_hoverfly. Can you send me your project id?

Hi, a similar case here too.

Can you DM me the project ID that this is happening? Also, when did it start?

If there is a fix, please share.

not sure, if that started today,

Could you check again? We just rolled out a fix


Is it still bugged? What’s the image?

Image is showing… I couldn’t publish my attempted fix at the styling/layout because the image would disappear when I previewed… so it’s still off-center now, even though it’s aligned just fine in the visual studio…