Hide tooltip in header of table component

I tried to hide the tooltip for the table using global.css in my Next.js project but it will hide all tooltips. I want to hide only tooltips that appear when hovering on the table header.

Hello @oleh_ferents and welcome to the Plasmic forum!
Can you share relevant links, screenshots, and project ID so we may better assist you.

Hello @sarah_ahmed
I’m talking about this tooltip. It appears when we hover over table header

Project ID is 8Kj4nXDHP9uuqfVq9XTNUp

Hello @oleh_ferents, this should now be fixed. We have added a new “Disable sorting” switch in each of the table column fields, if you turn that switch on, the sorting on that column should be disabled and therefore the tooltip as well.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 11.02.01 AM

Hello @sarah_ahmed
But it will disable sorting which I want to keep. I just want to hide the tooltip.

Unfortunately, that is not currently possible. The Table component comes from the Ant Design System, and Antd comes with only limited customization that does not support hiding the tooltip on the Table.

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