Hide/unhide element without reloading data.

Is there a way to keep an embed HTML element loaded when toggling visibility? Every time I hide it and reveal it, the embed appears to reload its data.
(or perhaps another way to hide and unhide an element that doesn’t reload the element every time it is made visible.)

Hi @honest_falcon! Are you using a dynamic value for setting the element’s visibility?

If so, indeed it is used to decide when the element should render (so revealing it re-creates the element)

One way to avoid this could be to have a variant that hides the element (sets the visibility to “not visible”, instead of “not rendered”) and then to hide and reveal it you just need to toggle this variant on and off


hi Victor! I was indeed using a dynamic value for true/false visibility swapping.

Made a custom component out of the embed HTML with a “hidden” variant for “not visible”, along with other variants I might need. Worked wonderfully! Thank you!