How do basic debugging in Plasmic Studio?

I am newbie to Plasmic and tried to submit a form to a database and getting below error both in Preview Artboard mode and Interactive mode. What is the best way to debug? How do I invoke the step debugger or find the logs?

I look in this page but couldn’t find much: Common development troubleshooting checklist | Learn Plasmic

Relevant links : My project:

Not too sure about invoking a debugger, but regarding the error message you’re receiving, which database are you using? It looks like you’re trying to save a uuid to an int8 column type

@tom_stove thanks for the tip on the uuid. Are there any deeper logs that I can access?

Hey @chirag_patel, not too sure sorry mate. Client logs will be in the browser but not too sure about server logs. Are you self-hosting?