How do cross-project imports work?

Hi Team, just wanted to clarify the workings of cross-project imports. I have my base plasmic project (P1) which is linked to my base codebase (CB1). CB1 registers code components to plasmic and pages I create in P1 are synced back down. When i publish a version of P1 i want my second plasmic project (P2) to pick up the components & pages built in P1.

a) Does this sound possible from my description?
b) If so, do i have to change P1’s hosting url from the deployed instance to my local version when switching from local development to version release

Hi! When you import P1, you get the components but not the pages, as pages are not meant to be reusable. If you really want to, you can convert the pages in P1 into reusable components, and then create pages out of them in P2.

You don’t need to update the hosting URL for release; the hosting URL is purely for when you are using the studio to build your designs; it is not used in production.

Understood that makes sense, thanks!

Our pages that are currently in P1 will be moved to P2 - we are in the process of extending our plasmic integration.

One follow up question - when consuming P1 components in P2, does that include code components registered?

P1 project id - aYvVEJMeVPj2bPPpSvmFf2

P2 project id - kuRRFHr9ETzFSkwEB7SHrw

I have created an dependency but i dont see any components

Im assuming this is because P1 currently only has registered code components and built pages?

Where it should provide “plasmic wrapped” components

that P2 can then consume to build pages

If P1 has code component and a hosting URL, then P2 must also use the same hosting URL. Because P2 is also using the same hosting URL, that means the same code components are registered in P2 and usable there as well.