How do I fix the hydration issue after using CLI?

I would like to ask your help to configure hydration step by step after starting local dev server in codegen for the first time, I get a legend of Unhandled runtime error, error: Hydration failed because they initial UI does not Match was rendered on they server and warning Expected server HTML to contain a matching div un div, I wish you would be specific with steps instead of examples thanks for your attention and love Plasmic

Hi, the issue is usually due to some illegal nesting of HTML elements, such as links within links or buttons within links or divs within paragraphs.

You can usually try to use some query selectors to see if those patterns exist on your page, or you can try to remove parts of your page until the problem goes away to hone in on where exactly the issue is coming from:

We will also soon be adding tools to help you hone in on these issues.

Let me know if that helps!