How do I get Lottie .json into Plasmic Studio?

is there a way to get a lottie .json directly into Plasmic Studio? Or should I create a slot for it?

You can upload the file to the prop of the lottie component (when you click fullscreen in the code editor for the prop). But right now it only inlines the content directly.

code editor?

oh, are you using our react lottie component from the component store?

Here is what I said


that cleared the confusion

but now I’m being told: value is too long. is there something I can do?

the file is 2.3MB

I also have a 700KB mp4 version of the animation. guess I’ll use that by inserting it into a slot in jsx

I think this is the best solution for now, sorry for the trouble. It would be nice to remove the size restriction when big files are not inlined anymore.