How do I have a global layout across all pages?

The page I’m trying to edit in plasmic is a catchall page (nextjs) and it has a hard-coded layout. I have registered this layout component and it already shows in Plasmic Studio > Components > Code Components. However, my problem is that, in each artboard, this layout is not being displayed. How do I make Plasmic to show the layout and still be able to drag and drop other components to the artboard?
I tried adding the Layout in plasmic-host page, and this layout is being displayed in the artboard. But the problem is the whole studio is also wrapped by my layout. I’m lost on how to make this work. Help!

Hi @fit_reindeer, once you have that layout component registered, users can go ahead and just insert it into their page - and assuming it has a chlidren slot, they can then fill in its body with any other content or components they want.

There’s currently no way to force all new pages to start with that layout, but it’s a good suggestion. (We don’t want to simply wrap all artboards with it since you could have artboards corresponding to individual components, such as Buttons, where wrapping it with the layout doesn’t make sense.)

I see so the artboard is a representation of the PlasmicRoot only. I’m just comparing this to your competitor where the whole page is actually being shown. Which means if there’s any hardcoded components , it will just show up in their preview so you can somehow see how the page will look like when you are dragging and dropping components.
As for the suggestion, I would say, that you wrap the whole application with PlasmicRoot and then you can put as many PlasmicSections anywhere in the react tree. Then in plasmic studio, in a full page view (new feature), you’ll see the whole page and the editor can drag and drop components in any of those sections only.
As for the component view, I think that will be a different set of artboards similar to what you currently have right now.