How do I import code components across projects?

Hi Team, is it possible to import code components across projects? I have the import configured but I can only see non code components available on the other project. Thanks!

For context - I couldn’t see the code components in the downstream project however when I went to delete the imported project, it warned me with a list of components I was about to lose (including the code components)

Hi Joe! Both projects need to be hosted by the same app

That’s because the code components implementation lives in the host app

Ahh i see! Thanks for the quick reply. We had this isolation to keep design and development separate.

Which i’m assuming can still be done by having component registration & page design in a single project but publish versions of this project to then be used for development work.

We use GitLab for CI/CD so we can use webhooks to automate this process? Is there any plans to support gitlab deploy the same we you do github?

that makes sense!

Yeah for now I believe webhooks is the way to go (probably won’t have Gitlab deploys in the very near future), but thanks for the feedback - it helps a lot as we iterate on those features