How do we transfer data from one page to another page in plasmic studio

  1. We have created a contact form in plasmic studio. We would like to capture those details in second page of plasmic studio, instead of making POST JSON method?
  2. How do we make callback methods from plasmic to react js application?

The simplest approach would be if you do not need the second page to have a distinct url, you can just dynamically show the second view on the same page, where you have access to all of the state variables and data from the form.

If you do need the second page to be a completely separate page, then you can consider adding a dynamic route parameter to the second page, and passing in the form data as a json encoded value into that route parameter.

Can you clarify what you mean by your second question? I don’t understand, perhaps you can give an example with code snippets showing what you are trying to achieve?