How do you add a canonical URL tag to a Plasmic page?

Hello Plasmic! Is there any way of adding a Canonical URL tag to a Plasmic page? I see you can add custom meta-tags but not link-tags, that are the ones needed for the Canonical URL

You can add it through your code base. For example, if you use Next.js, you can add through the component. :slightly_smiling_face:

But there isn’t any way of doing it through Plasmic? It seems surreal, why do I have to wrap the Next.js Head component into a Plasmic component and import it in every page?

Hi @ministerial_lamprey , you should be able to add arbitrary page metadata - you won’t need any per-page code. Please let me know if this helps!

So basically, to create a canonical key-value prop and using it in a custom element in Next? @yang


I think it works, thanks!