How do you add rounded corners to Ant?

Is there any easy way to add slightly rounded corners to the new Ant design component store?

Previous version had rounded corners. would be nice to have that back.


Is there a specific component you’re referring to? We’ve had success setting the bordered prop to false, then using Plasmic studio to set Border , Corner Radius, and Background Color

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 1.30.23 PM.png

It is a little counter-intuitive, because bordered is set to false in Plasmic Studio, when, in-fact, it’s true.

Currently, you have to set it to true in Studio, then back to false, and it clears the border, background, and radius.

@tiago, Plasmic studio is renderingbordered as false, when true


Here’s a quick demonstration for you. I think this is what you were referring to.


thanks for this. but- with Ant Design, there is a global value for adding back in the rounded corners on the entire design system

so you don’t have to do this on a piece by piece bases

If you have an app host set up, then you can actually use whichever version of ant design you want. Install the version you’d like into your repo, install @plasmicpkgs/antd, and use the registerAll() function to register the antd code components.