How does one create anchor links in Plasmic?

How does one create anchor links in plasmic? i.e. link to a specific part of a page

You can select another element on the page and add an id HTML attribute like “mysection”

And then you can write your link URL like /mypage#mysection


@yang I’m assuming this doesn’t work if your link is pointing to a section on another page within the same app.

Any suggestions on how to achieve a “scroll to specific section” while pointing to different internal pages?

@surprising_viper it should work… (This is not actually specific to plasmic, it’s just how linking to sections works in HTML)

I understand, we’re not able to get it to work though :disappointed:

Do you have more details? What’s the element ID and what does the link point to?

So my preview link seems have width/height parameters being added at the end of the URL like this #width=320&height=480

I tried removing it and replacing it with the section-id which I want the anchor tag to point to, and refreshed the page. But it didn’t seem to work

Oh got it, you are talking about the URL to the entire Studio instead of your page… that’s actually different, the page that you’re building will have its own URL and won’t have those hashes which are specific to the Studio

Oh I see. Actually I’m working on this massive codebase that somebody handed off to me so I thought the URL hashes were some custom additions they made haha.

Appreciate your swift responses! Much thanks!