How to access Plasmic props for a child from the parent?

is there a way to access plasmic generated props for a child component in the parent? We have a component which has as a child a second component with a textInput. I can set the textInput prop in the child, but I cannot, for instance, do something like this in the parent:

return <PlasmicComponentA root={{ ref }}
                             textInput: (something for onChange)

I’m finding that I instead have to define additional props in the child component just to pass an onChange function

also I’ve found this makes it very difficult to use a component as a generic sign in field to handle text and password input, as I seem to have to have a prop get passed down just to tell the textInput what type the input is for?

With codegen typechecking, we’d like you to be deliberate about the component interface for your wrapper components. So if it makes sense for your TextInput component to expose an onChange or type prop, then you should explicitly declare it in your TextInputProps. See