How to add click handlers in Plasmic?

Hey all - im evaluating plasmic for the startup im working at, I was wondering how handlers like onClicks, and onChanges work with plasmic. How does the designer / PM add this to an element? Can I get pointed to a doc somehow?

Currently, all behaviors are instrumented in code—so that includes click/event handlers, etc. For now, we want to ensure the line between what is controlled by Plasmic Studio (presentational) vs. by the developer (logic) is clear. As apps scale, state management can become arbitrarily complex, so the priority is on ensuring a seamless integration with code.

That said, we are actively thinking about how to support adding behavior from within the Studio. We would love to hear about use cases you're interested in—what you're trying to build, and how complex is the behavior you're reaching for. Let us know on our Slack Community.

makes sense. just saw this, thanks raymond!