How to add robots.txt and sitemap?

The SEO question has come up with Plasmic. I see meta titles / descriptions and open graph, I’m able to add JSON schema with the HTML component, but lighthouse is suggesting links are not crawlable and the robot.txt file is malformed.

yep you should be able to set the titles/description/open graph in the page settings (top right corner settings icon)

What framework are you using? Plasmic loader just populates pages, not the robot.txt file

Yes I am using Plasmic Loader as it is a website. So if I want sitemaps and robot.txt, I should set these up seperately?

Yes, usually these are specific to your framework. For instance, for Next.js you can use next-sitemap to auto generate the sitemap, and also just add a public/robots.txt .

@colorful_tiger Are you able to inject items into the ? I have not been able to find a way from the other suggestions mentioned in this Slack.