How to build a master-detail view?

Morning All,

I’m a tech. hobbiest, I find Wix’ Editor X and javascript api extremely intuitive and productive. I’m interested in Plasmic as a potential tool because it could be integrated into my workflow without having to force others into an environment they don’t like.

I’ve been digging through the docs and am struggling to find a clear guide on a fairly broad use case: how do I build a master > detail view, essentially a list that I can click through on to a detail page.

• There’s an overview document here, but it lacks the detail of a walk through:
• The app examples are also missing the use case I need, to understand how to build a master > detail relationship: and the twitter clone tutorial
What do I need to know to set this up with minimal coding, so I can stay in the faster, simpler Plasmic environment?

Hey @previous_hookworm! Welcome to the community, I’m glad you’re enjoying Plasmic!

I believe you’re looking for dynamic pages. We have a docs page on it: and an example in our repo:[slug].tsx These are not very detailed walkthroughs, but let me know if you need any help on following them.

At the moment this requires some coding, but we’re working in adding a more prominent no-code studio support for that in the coming weeks.