How to change the background color for Ant components?

Hey gents! The new Code Components packages are well-done and easy! THANK YOU.

We’d like to change the background-color to black on the antd Select component, however, we’re not able to do this in the studio.

I’ve attached what it looks like in the studio, the overridden style, and what it should look like.

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 8.16.19 PM.png

Hey @parliamentary_trout! At the moment we do not support setting custom styles for elements inside the component container. In the specific case of antd select, I believe you want to apply the background-color style to container > .ant-select-selector which is not possible at the moment. To add custom CSS right now, I’d suggest you to use app hosting.

@tiago Interestingly, the final styling can be achieved by force disabling the bordered attribute. I am not sure if that’s expected behavior or a bug, but it make us to the final state. :smile:

Nice! It’s not a bug, but a characteristic of Ant. It does not apply styles to the selector element overriding the container ones when bordered is false, therefore you are able to see the background from the container.

There we go! Now we can Plasmicize that antd component! NIIIICEE @zonal_mammal