How to copy codegen files from one codebase to another?

I’m coping plasmic (codegen) generated components and styles , from one code base for project A in Plasmic, to another code base for Project B in Plasmic. Any advise on what steps to take here?

Like renaming file to match the new page :
plasmic_[page name in project A].module.css
plasmic_[page name in project B].module.css

Is this even advisable, should I always copy generated components via 2 Plasmic Studio UI instances instead?

Generally I’d just do a fresh plasmic sync if setting up in a new codebase, rather than carefully try to migrate individual files that are typically managed by the plasmic CLI - especially because the plasmic.json and plasmic.lock must be consistent with the state of files, it would be very easy to mess up.

And then any user level logic, you can copy in the user level wrapper components