How to create a dynamic "blog post" page using Contentful CMS?

Hello, I’ve read the documentation on dynamic pages and I tried to create a dynamic “blog post” page using data from contentful cms, but I get an error. I numbered the screenshots below so you can view them in chronological order.

  1. I set the page path to /[slug]

  1. I set the Entry id to “slug” (this is the actual field name in contentful cms)

  1. The Content type was automatically changed from “Blog Post” to “unset” and I cannot change it anymore. And I get this error:

  1. When I hover over the $ctx text it says
    main.tsx 1 of 1 problem
    Cannot find name '$ctx'.(2304)

Hey Andrew, can you DM me your project id?

Right now, for the Contentful Fetcher, the only way to use the dynamic pages is by passing the Entry Id as the slug (if you select Content type to be Blog post and change the preview parameter to 6UYpDojwyzy6uQr5oWqMif for example, you’re gonna see it working). If you first unset the Entry Id field, you’re gonna be able to select a Content type again.
We’re currently working to improve this experience and allowing the usage of other fields as slugs for Contentful and other fetchers.

Thanks @steep_silverfish it’s working now, but yeah not great for SEO to have the entry id in there, looking forward to having the other fields in there in the future :thumbsup: