How to create a magazine layout?

Good Morning from Austria!
I am totally new to Plasmic and similar tools. So I try to get my brain around “how to built my magazine website” the best way with plasmic. The thing is, there will be one main page, where the righter half will change like pages of a magazine you would click back and forth. Each issue will have about 100 “pages”. The magazine will have 4 issues a year connected to a membership payment.

The question: How can I exchange content on a page without a new root? Or is the best way to have 100 and more pages?

Thank you so much for your help!

Maybe look into variants?

Okey. Will try that. Thank you!

Hi @reasonable_termite, pages correspond to URL routes. So if you want each page to live at a different page like /34, /35, /36, etc., then you’ll want different pages.

I wasn’t sure if this is what you’re asking about, but if you want each page to have the same surrounding layout, but just change some content within that layout, you can create a component with a slot, and use that component on your pages (changing just the slot contents)

I just saw the other context from Christoph further down!