How To Create a New Dynamic Page For Every Airtable Entry (Programmatic SEO)

Hello Plasmic Community:

Does anyone know how to programmatically create new blog page entries?

For example, every new row added to our Airtable db would create a new plasmic page.

This is easily done in other platforms like Webflow using their CMS & Airtable.

We have already connected our Airtable DB to Plasmic with the HTTP API Fetcher, and our next step is building the functionality for dynamic post creation at scale.

Our desired workflow:

  1. new row is added to Airtable containing blog content & unique slug
  2. data is fetched by plasmic HTTP API
  3. new page page is created using our blog page template but with the unique data and slug from the newly added Airtable row

Note: the PlasmicCMS is great and I would rather store our airtable rows for each blog directly within PlasmicCMS but we had trouble populating it with our Airtable data. Bonus points if anyone has knowledge on adding airtable rows as PlasmicCMS entries.

Hi, you can use the CMS API to write into the cms:

Be sure to use dynamic pages which let you define routes with slugs in them, and thus be able to generate a dynamic set of pages, one per log entry from your cms.

This will unblock you for now, but as an additional heads up, Airtable is soon releasing a first class oauth API which will allow applications like ourselves to integrate directly with them in a secure way that doesn’t expose a full read write API key to the public internet. We are already building out this integration, and hopefully we will see it come out in the next couple months.