How to create pages with a dynamic URL?

Hey guys, I need some guidance. I am a UX/UI designer, trying out this new tool to maybe help me substitute Webflow and to learn more about designing components for developers. I have been trying to work on a personal project/blog to learn the tool. Right now I only have some test data in it, but I encountered a problem (please mind me, that I am not a developer).

What I would like to do is, have the first page, the landing page made into some blog excerpts and have a button to offer ‘read more’, which would redirect it to /blog/[slug]. No matter how I try set a value, I never get dynamic url. The furthest I pushed this is that instead of a 404 page, I get the same dynamic page across all the links for some reason. Is there a straight to point version on how to link dynamic pages with dynamic links? So ‘read more’ link/button would guide me to the dynamic page that I created for a blogpost?

Thanks for all the help.

Hi @equitable_caribou, here’s a video that goes into how to set up dynamic pages and fetch details on each page that are specific to the route slug. Please let me know if this helps!

Thank you so so much! Somehow I missed this video in the series and watched everyone of them. I did troubleshoot a little bit more, but it works perfectly now. Thank you again for solving a noob question for me :slight_smile: