How to customize the GitHub push commit message?

Hi there!

I am deploying to netlify through a github action. But to be able to do that i have to activate automatic deployments on netlify.
That means that every commit will run a build in netlify.

To prevent that and only run the build when running the action in github netlify needs ‘[skip netlify]’ to be added to all the commits messages. I have done that locally though git hooks…

The problem is with the commits coming from plasmic. I know I can add ‘[skip netlify]’ on the title of the commit… but that force me to have to add a title every single time…

Is there a way to always add a message to all commits that a plasmic project does?

I have managed to solve the problem adding ‘[skip netlify]’ to the name of the project. This works because plasmic always add the name of the project to the commit message.

But it is very hacky and I wonder if there is any other way.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @inevitable_cattle!

At the moment unfortunately there isn’t a way to set up a message to be added to all commits that Plasmic does, but that’s an interesting idea to help in use cases like yours.

Until we support that, I wonder if some branching could help… Maybe you could make Plasmic commit to a specific branch and merge it to main/master when you want to deploy your changes?