How to embed Plasmic in multi-tenant app?

Hi all, thank you for your great efforts into making this possible, this is my first time using Plasmic and I have a question for now.

Here’s a bit about my current situation:

I’m currently building a Multi-tenant app with NextJS and Vercel, and I’m building a platform that’s similar to or,

On this platform I’m building (I’ve a team of 5 devs, plus me),
• I let each user add their own custom domain,
• And they have their own website and stuff…
• What I really need now is to let each user build their own website’s pages using Plasmic, they would sign into their account, go to the right tab, and find the page builder, and they can build/edit/update the pages on their website (their website, that’s part of the main platform, but with their own branding/domain/etc)
So, my question is, how to use Plasmic in a multi-tenant app? where each user has their own website/pages and should be able to use Plasmic/page-builder inside their dashboard and changes reflects on their production on-the-fly?

If there’s any way to get some help, a tutorial, or maybe an example basic-multi-tenant NextJs app or something similar that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all

Hi! This currently requires an Enterprise plan, please feel free to reach out here

Hi! Thanks for your response @yang, if I may, a quick question:

• Is this requires an Enterprise plan for the anticipation/future-proofing/potential high usage (page views, etc) for the platform I’m working on?

• It requires an Enterprise plan to even be able to have that level of functionality/flexibilty on a multi-tenant platform (to get it to work…) ?

The Enterprise plan is required for authentication system integration and access to the platform API

For instance, you can already invite users into plasmic projects and workspaces that you set up, and then they would just sign up for an account with plasmic

Then you can create an iframe on your web app into a specific plasmic project already open

But if you want a deeper integration between our authentication systems, and a platform API to let you manipulate the set of users and projects at a more fine-grained level, then that typically requires some degree of custom work for each of the specific applications we integrate with

Let me know if that makes sense

Yes, it would require some custom work… makes sense.

Okay thank you for your response @yang , I’ll check the Enterprise plan then