How to get database details from an app created from a template?

I created an app from this template: Forum template | App builder | Plasmic and opted from “Plasmic Hosting”.

How I can get access to the DB that’s being used by the template to be able to update the schema? I can’t tell if it’s PostgreSQL but assume it is… See screenshots below

Hi @chirag_patel

Considering it’s a template, you will not have access to this database. I suppose if everyone would like to change something, the example would never be possible :wink:

You can create your own schema using supabase or some other app.

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@tchellos-mbt Thank you. I deployed my app to “Plasmic Hosting”. When deploying, is it copying the the templated DB over to Plasmic hosted DB? And I create new integration, as shown in screenshot below, will the new DB be created and managed by “Plasmic Hosting”?


If you are setting up a new integration you will need to handle by yourself.

For example, I have a supabase integration and configured it using my supabase account parameters.