How to get suspenseForQueryData to work with PlasmicRootProvider?

is there a working example of suspenseForQueryData being used in PlasmicRootProvider?

I’ve realized my usePlasmicQueryData isn’t running in SSR - and having a hard time configuring this with a global layout

Are you using extractPlasmicQueryData()? If so, it’ll automatically turn on suspense mode to do the prepass rendering

in [[…catchall]] I have

  const queryCache = await extractPlasmicQueryData(

are you saying i don’t need suspenseForQueryData?

and my _app

yeah you shouldn’t need suspenseForQueryData :thinking_face:

could you try printing out your queryCache you got from extractPlasmicQueryData() and see if it’s reasonable?

and in my component

should I await that?

shouldn’t need to

ok - let me remove these suspenses and get you a queryCache

got it down to one simple example now

pulling up queryCache now

you’re right - it’s not in the queryCache

fyi - this component is being rendered from Layout. Though I am including the component in maybeFetchComponentData

Oh could you include Layout in the element you pass to extractPlasmicQueryData?

damn i knew i was about to learn something big

this has been plaguing me on all my projects

nope same thing :confused:

any chance you can share access to your repo with us?

yeah no prob