How to get the rounded variant of button component from code?

Hello again, playing with the Simple Light Landing Page project and using the UI components in the code base. I’ve been able to set the variant to isDisabled but any pointers on how make it rounded… Assume it’s done via props? Sorry for all the questions

Hi @favourite_hamster,
You can send the props as follow.

 shape: "rounded"

Like this?

      <h1>Click me {count}</h1>
      <Button button={{ shape: "rounded" }} onClick={clickHandler}>Test</Button>

In case you are passing prop directly to the Button component, then it should be something like this

      <h1>Click me {count}</h1>
      <Button shape="rounded" onClick={clickHandler}>Test</Button>

Is that an incorrect way to do it?

Which one?

You can find more details on how to override props in the docs below

My way, adding the props to the component. Never mind, I’ll give the docs another read. :thumbsup: