How to import components but access the JSX?

Good morning all! I have a (potentially silly) question about Plasmic. Is it possible to import the components I create into my React codebase but get to access the JSX structure?
My concern would be that if I create the components in Plasmic that means I’d be locked in as if I were to end my account then I would lose access to the components

Yes, LMK if this helps:

Awesome, thanks for the reply!

fwiw I came across some breaking bugs in Framer (objects on canvas rendering outside bounding box, prototyping transitions not transitioning) and I reached out to the team via Discord, Youtube and Twitter to try and find an answer but to no avail.
Understand they’re prob busy af and they’re creating something ambitious but from a consumer standpoint it was a big turn off.

In this community there will always be someone to help out, even if it’s not from the core team.