How to import data from REST, Supabase, etc.?

How to import data? Via rest or supabase or anywhere. I want it to be available app wide and not just in a component

Hi @invisible_wolverine, you can go to the big blue plus button, go to the component store, and insert something like the REST Fetcher there

For Supabase specifically we also have a more in-depth tutorial depending on how deep you want to go with the code customization:

Thanks for the reply Yang, so far, I think plasmic’s UX in the editor/visual builder is really great, I never thought one can surpass figma/webflow/framer in the editor but I think you guys did. I love so much how when we click the element, theres a plus button near so I can easily add another element. There must have been a ton of thought put into it. Regarding data binding however, I understand how it is component based, but I think you should try and checkout weweb. I think they are doing a really great job with it. You can define ‘collections’ sitewide, and bind it to any elements/components you want. I understand how the current flow might be great for optimization, but I find out I reuse alot of same endpoints, along with remixing it with other endpoints in weweb, which I don’t think it is possible yet with plasmic? I’m a huge fan of weweb as they are all in one kinda, but plasmic is the most extensible and scaleable tool right now, no-lock in. Do you even have a competitor? I don’t think so. I think plasmic is one of the most important software now and are on the right path to the true first no-code tool.

I tried deploying and it’s almost funny how easy it is. Similar to framer, which my favourite site builder now, but this has a ton of more useful features such as integrating dynamic data. I think plasmic would do very well targetting site builders, only the pricing would be abit weird for it. And I think you get my point, coming from weweb, the only crucial thing plasmic currently doesn’t have is no-code logic builder, I think you guys already have that in the roadmap, and I think you surely will suprise with that, goodluck!