How to import Figma component instances as Plasmic component instances?

Hi all, I’m new to plasmic and I’m evaluating it to speed up the design->dev->deployment process for B2B SaaS web app.
Hope it’s the right channel to ask this question otherwise redirect me.
For the design->dev stage, I’m looking at “integrating” as much as possible Figma with Plasmic (end goal is a Next JS front end).
One question: how can I design a button in Figma so the Figma-to-Plasmic converter pick up directly as a button component in plasmic and not as Frame + Text ?

Hi @aggregate_swan!

Currently the figma plug-in flattens all component instances from figma as primitive HTML elements in plasmic, but we are soon releasing a feature in the plugin that will do exactly what you’re saying, allowing you to map figma component instances to plasmic component instances.

To prep for this, the mapping will be done by name. It will also be mapping variants and props by name. So that’s the main thing to do to prepare a figma design and the corresponding plasmic project as much as possible.

That would be great. I’m looking to speed up the design to dev step. Do you have a GA date for this ? (tentative is also good :-))