How to integrate Next.js Commerce and Plasmic for a Shopify store?

I am following this article by @yang about integrating Next.js Commerce and Plasmic for a Shopify store:

My issue is during the “Integrate Plasmic into your repo” section. I removed the existing […pages].tsx catch all file and the page’s route index.tsx file to allow the new […catchall].tsx file to properly work. however, I am concerned about the removal of these files and if this was the appropriate thing to do.

It really is entirely up to you but it is fine for you to remove those, they are just a hard coded example homepage as well as a catch-all to render pages that were created in the commerce provider’s (i.e. Shopify’s) own page builder. Over time, you can choose to have any mix of these things together (where some routes are built in Shopify’s page builder, some routes are built in Plasmic, etc.), you would just need to merge the getStaticProps and getStaticPaths functions. However, if you are just trying to get to a basic working poc that works with plasmic, then following the instructions with either a […] or [[…]] catch all will be the easiest to start with.