How to Integrate Plasmic into an Existing Supabase and Next.js (boilerplate) Project?

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Plasmic and quite excited about its capabilities.
I have purchased and setup a project using a SaaS boilerplate ( Supabase and Next.js) .
The boilerplate took care of auth, teams, and all SaaS features.
I’d like to start building upon this using Plasmic. While I’ve read the Developer Guide (partially), I’m still unclear on how exactly to integrate Plasmic into my existing codebase. Could someone guide me through this or point me to the relevant part of the documentation?
Many thanks!

Hi @Zaj , welcome! The best place to start is our next JS quick start:

This guides you through the setup process within your existing code base.

If you run into any integration issues or just want to experiment more freely, you can also spin up a new code base with plasmic already integrated for comparison, by running npx create-plasmic-app.

Please let me know if this helps!

Dear Yang,

Thank you for directing me to the Next.js quick start guide.
While the guide is informative, I am facing challenges in successfully integrating Plasmic into my existing Next.js and Supabase project. My team and I plan to primarily use Plasmic Studio, and we are interested in incorporating Plasmic into an existing SaaS boilerplate.

One point of confusion is how to set up and sync Plasmic within the project. Next.js can have various directory structures. And coming from data science background, we find this a bit confusing :smiling_face_with_tear:. Some projects have a ‘pages’ directory at the root level, others within a ‘src’ folder, and still others in an ‘app’ folder. And the guide didnt give us detailed instructions on how to do it. We hope that we dont have to do changes to our existing directory structure, therefore it will be helful if we can understand how to do it.
could you offer some guidance on how to go about this integration?

Additionally, does Plasmic offer any chat or short call consultation services to guide us through these initial setup challenges?