How to integrate Plasmic into Magento 2?

Hi, is it possible to integrate plasmic into Magento 2?

Hi @honest_horse, yes - for instance, you can author your own data fetching code components to fetch product catalog data from say the Guest API:

Let me know if you have any specific questions here.

Hi Yang, yes I am specifically interested in either integrating a very rich content page builder into Magento, to augment the native one which is not very advanced, OR… create a headless CMS platform with a rich content page builder, that we can use to pull in pages into Magento

essentially we have a Magento site, and a wordpress site and we want to unify them, or honestly to get rid of Wordpress

the trouble is WP comes with Elementor and the marketing team is very much hung up on it cause it allows them (non techies) to build fancy cms pages quickly and easily

I need to give the marketing team an Elementor replacement basically, that can support rich content like sliders, carousels, fancy blocks & elements, etc

product catalog data is somewhat less important

Got it.

That’s exactly what Plasmic is designed for - it’s a visual page builder and very rich web design tool.

I only mention the pulling data from Magento because that is a common ecommerce integration need and what’s often displayed in those sliders/carousels/etc.

You can definitely use Plasmic to as a headless CMS + page builder, and render those pages in any environment, including dumping as an HTML blob.

Our team is also available to help with integrations as well.

cool and interesting

can you show me a slider or carousel in plasmic?

are there prebuilt slider/carousel components or would I have to build them myself?

There are built-in ones, but the power of Plasmic is that you can easily bring in any React component

ok, so would the workflow be build page in Plasmic and then use the API to pull content into Magento? Or would we integrate plasmic into Magento itself?

let me give you a practical example

Exactly, both directions -

  1. Build pages in Plasmic, pulling data from your APIs
  2. Render them into your existing Magento site

This is the loop:

this is a page on the WP site

I would want to recreate this page - just the content, no header or footer - into a cms page in Magento