How to integrate with Astro?

I’ve just discovered and love it - I already built a website with it integrated with GraphCMS. Now I started wondering how to integrate Plasmic with Astro because I want to use Plasmic?

• Would I be correct in assuming the REST API or vanilla Javascript is the way to go?
• And in particular I wondered how to integrate with the way that dynamic routes are handled in Astro to generate pages. What is the approach I should take?
General feedback on the docs… broadly I find them a bit wooly and difficult to grasp at times (in contrast to Astro’s documentation which is really clear). Specifically, I would like a complete step-by-step tutorial series that walks me through the main steps to completely close the loop on the data. Plasmic Levels is good for Studio but actually then setting up and using data needs a cohesive set of tutorials around a single project. This would help me build a few components, link those to CMS data, add components with data from a REST API and then create a parent>child list with the Listing and Detail pages. The information to do this is all over the place, but not in one, clear narrative.

Hi @previous_hookworm! Thanks for the feedback on the docs. We are actively working on them, so please keep the feedback / wish list coming! (I agree that we should have more content structured around complete tasks / examples rather than scattering bits of knowledge, but also there were any specific pages that were particularly needing improvement, feel free to point them out as well)

Yeah, the REST API is probably the easiest place to start. For adding dynamic routes, we have an example here - Astro uses a similar flavor of API to next.js:

I used vanilla for Astro, :heart: Astro

and Yes the same procedure for next will work on Astro


I was looking into Astro too, did you have a good dev experience ?

And how is your website loading performance impacted by plasmic ?

@previous_hookworm @resulting_crayfish

In the beginning, no, I am not a good reader, so I struggled to get it running. Regarding performance, my pages all are statically generated. So it takes some time, not that much fetch plasmic and render in Html. The I inject that html

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Do you have url to share ? :slight_smile:

let me see if still alive lol

is more a POC

No is not live, but later I can put something so you can see the performance

It would be amazing if you could ! :slight_smile:

Astro is really nice, much easier to learn than full Next, Gatsby setup. The docs are excellent IMO, but I guess it depends what you are trying to achieve.