How to invalidate queries found on other pages?

I understand the logic of overriding queries, however it works with queries that are on the same page. When you need to invalidate a query that is on another page it does not work. For example, if I have a table that is filled with customers through a query to get all the customers. And then I go into a client’s profile, and I edit some information. If in that query to edit I invalidate the query that brings me all the clients, so that the information is refreshed with the updated information, the re-query is not done. It keeps showing me the past information and the app doesn’t really make a request again. Is this a bug? or should I do this differently?

PS: There is also a “refresh data” action, but it doesn’t work this way either.

Hi, I believe this is not supported. It may require invalidating all the queries, but I am not sure about that one either.

Even invalidating all queries still does’t function.

Can we control which queries to cache?

So basically we have no way to override queries that were made on other pages? or control how to cache the information? The issue is that if this behavior cannot be managed, we will always face outdated information. There must be a way and if not, it seems to me to be a vital functionality.


You can disable SSR for that specific page/component, that should allow you to invalidate the cache across pages.