How to link to a page variant?

Is there a way in Studio to set a page variant as a link destination? Thx!

There isn’t, but a workaround could be to create a component instead of a page and two (or more) pages instantiating that component with different variants. That way you can link to any of them.

Thank you Tiago for your note. That won’t work for now as we have loading time issues and are trying to minimize the number of pages (hence the page variants), but it could be a useful workaround in the future. Thx.

Do you mean studio load time? Adding more pages shouldn’t affect the studio load time much; the main factor is number of artboards that are in the arena you are loading…

@chungwu Understood, thank you. Yes, trying to limit the number of pages on an artboard → Page variants seem useful. Also thinking that page variants should play better than separate pages when animating elements inside of them.