How to link to a section of a page?

Is the documentation correct at I added a section to a page and don’t see how to set an HTML attribute in the right sidebar.

Hello! The HTML Attribute is in the Settings tab of the right pane.

Hi Icaro, Thanks for your reply. I’m still not seeing an HTML attribute in the right pane. Attached is a screenshot where I’ve highlighted the section I want to link to. Any further guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @consistent_parakeet! You can’t see the HTML attributes section because you are selecting a component instance, not a HTML element instance (such as the “vertical stack” in the top of your page tree, for example). If you double click the section that you’re selecting, you should be able to edit the component in place (in spotlight mode) and should be able to see HTML attributes for its elements.

Thanks for your answer. I finally got my site working the way I wanted. It took me a while to realize that linking only works with HTML elements. I kept trying to link to a Section component because the docs all write about linking to a section. Maybe this could be better documented.