How to load data from our CMS into a Plasmic page?

We are just getting started building with Plasmic. So far we’ve built some models and filled them with test content. We can’t get the CMS data loader component to load any data even after setting the Credentials props. Can’t find any documentation on this issue. Are we missing something?

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11.27.44 PM.png

Hi @precious_cockroach, can you share the project URL?


Such speedy service :racehorse:

I believe the issue is due to the CMS entries not being in a published state - can you try pressing Publish on them, and then refreshing the data? (You can do that with this View menu option)


Oh, actually there is another issue:

CMS Entry Fields need to be placed inside the CMS Data Loader


Success! But this brings another issue: I can only pull from one of our two models—“Restaurants”. I am looking to pull from our second model, “Menu Item”. The second model doesn’t appear as an option even though it’s also published.

Thanks so much Yang for solving these newbies’ problems :pray:

I saw that you got this working - awesome! :raised_hands: