How to make 2 elements overlap?

Hey everyone,
I’m pretty new to plasmic and just like the title says I am having trouble with the position layout. As you can see on the screenshot below I am trying to make the both the rectangle and the circle overlap, more precisely the circle on top of the rectangle, kinda like a social media profile.

Normally “sticky” would be the best option but for some reason, it does not move the circle at all. No matter what number I choose. With “free” and “fixed” it moved, but not sticky. Could anyone help me out with this one? I really don’t know what I am doing wrong, thanks!

Hi, layouts like this are indeed still a little bit tricky! But a general way to position one element on top of another is a grid container, and placing both children at row 1 column 1. You can find an example in this video

You can put the profile picture inside of a container like a vertical stack, so that you can further position that inside of the container, and have the container be the second child of the grid container. Lmk if that helps!