How to make element fixed size, centered, and clipped on the edges?

I’m currently trying to embed a vimeo Iframe in my plasmic site as a video background. Everything works, except that I cannot get the height the video to stay fixed as the browers windows shrinks horizontally. Any ideas about how to make height constant and instead just have the sides of the video crop as the window is made smaller?

Hi, you should be able to do the following

  1. Insert a vertical stack or horizontal stack
  2. Set its layout to center horizontally
  3. Insert the Vimeo in it
  4. Set the Vimeo width and height to some fixed value, and remove any max width on it
    Let me know if that works for you

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. The Video height does not stay fixed.

you can see the site and video live at

What did you try? Your Ract component instance doesn’t look like it has the right settings. If I set it to have fixed width and height (width: 1920px, height: 618px) then it works for me