How to mix both Headless API and codegen integrations?

Also I’m wondering if there will be a way to intermingle or mix Plasmic features of the CMS style of doing things, as well as the codgen style of doing things?
I’m thinking ok for the documents for my application and blog etc, the CMS is obviously the way to go but for the hardcore data parts I will want the codegen style.
I’m thinking, ok, i could split these out into 2 projects BUT what if i want to do both in one Nextjs project, is there a way to configure it so this can be done?
In other words a way to say ok this section or these pages exist in CMS land and this section and these pages exist in Codegen land?

Yes, it is completely OK to mix both headless API and codegen integrations, and you can do it with the same project as well - they don’t need to be separate projects. You could even add the same component via both API and codegen if you wanted to for some reason.

Wow, thats excellent to know, very cool, thanks