How to pass params to a GraphQL query (using Hygraph)?

Hi, I’m using the hygraph (formerly graphcms) integration.
I’m keen to pass a slug from the URL to my graphql query, so I can filter the data, but can’t find a way to do it through plasmic.
Before I delve into adding code - is there a way to do this? Should I use the vanilla graphql Fletcher instead of the hygraph integration?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon, this is not possible at the moment but we’ve just opened a ticket for it and it should be ready in no time. I’ll update you here when it’s live

Ok, thanks for the clear comms on this.
That sounds awesome if you’re going to work on it soon.

Hi @burning_silkworm, just to check what time frame are you thinking for the slug ticket? Months weeks or days? Thinking whether I should / use a different cms

@young_newt we are currently iterating on the specs for the ticket. I’m not sure when it will be completed but @chungwu might be able to help with a time estimate

Ok. Thanks for getting back to me.
Any thoughts @chungwu?

Hi! Yeah unfortunately right now there’s no way to pass anything from the data context into the graphql prop. It’ll take us a while to get to this one, so if you have other options, I would pursue those :pensive:

Ok, cool. Understood. Again, appreciate the response

Any update on this? I need to pass params to graphql, too. I need to query my record by a slug.

I am using GraphQL fetcher to get data from Strapi. I need this feature to fetch shaped data from Strapi by a record id. Although, there is Strapi Collection component, I prefer GraphQL because it can shape the response data.

Makes sense—we are still working on the right approach for this. Thanks for bearing with us.