How to provide size hints to the image optimizer?

Image Optimizer - how can we provide hints?

I have cases where width needs to be 100%, to scale with container, but I can easily set max-width to a known maximum width as a hint to the optimizer. (I don’t think this currently works… but would make it much easier to provide an upper bound on image size… )

Alternatively, there could be a separate parameter to the image module

Separate question: Is it possible to extend the generic image module to provide optimization hints for images coming from other platforms (through URL)? Is there a clean interface for this?

hmm I see, and your container is much smaller than 100vw? Yes I think it would make sense for you to specify the sizes as you could in Next…

Currently we don’t support resizing images that are not uploaded to Plasmic. You could instead write an image code component that knows how to use / load different responsive sizes from a third party CDN though.

@chungwu yes, the containers we are talking about are much smaller, and the code always asks for too large images…