How to publish a staging preview of a design?

Am I wrong in saying that there are not any out-of-box solutions for creating a staging preview of a design in studio? For example: we want to test a design change by moving some things around but don’t want it to go live yet. How do we internally preview that change or allow a client to preview that change without publishing it live?

Using a different webhook that only builds a staging branch wouldn’t work for Studio changes because you would still need to save a new version

I think the only option would be to duplicate the page in Studio and publish normally. But in that method there is no native way to limit who can see that page, i.e. password, auth.

I might be missing something here though. :sweat_smile: Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.

hmm, yeah I’m attempting to use the headless in staging and dev, and codegen for QA and Prod

ill let you know how it goes :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Hey @appropriate_narwhal, there’s no need to save a new version to trigger a webhook from studio. And your staging environment can sync the current revision of the project (instead of the latest saved version) by using preview: true (if you’re using loader) or by just syncing projectId (if you’re using codegen). Are you using loader or codegen? Let me know if I can help with any specific step to make that work.